Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Malacca Trip

On last 26 til 27 January I went to Malacca for trip vacation. It was ohsem. Really fall in love with a moment. New friend and everything so new. Start from Saturday morning, arrived at Simpang Ampat exit got some breakfast there. Everything on perut was settled. Straightly go to A Famosa mandi manda there. It was so tired weekend and gladly I'am so happy on that moment.

Seriously that a long time ago and it was so very very long tak rasa journey camni. Busy with  own life made me so exhausted and it was refreshed back. Thanks for someone do invite me. I'am so so grateful. Kihkih. Statement mintak pelepap! Cow boy town on night session. Memang dia punye great persis Red Indian culture. But for me adalah few of action yang tak terlalu sesuai for kids. 

On Sunday just walk around Malacca town, Klebang at evening and lastly to friend house. Only 2 days with new friends but I think macam dah lama kenal. Good and good!

Dramatically this picture so cool!

Omaigodd this things! Haiyaa rasa macam nak tercabut tekak
I'm just sitting calmly and close eyes. Haha. Yapedaa!

Begining on second day

Adorable tak? Not me but beside me! Nyehehe

She's sooo cute!

But not for this one la. She's extremely not cool and comot!

For this picture ade epic history haha and so damn! I'am person taking this picture then during on that time I ask and shouting to everybody to get ready. But what I'am saying with so confidence " Everybody FREEEE SIZE!!" Kah kah memang they are and people around laughing ketawa macam nak pecah perut la woi. Suppose to I wanna said "Everybody Free Style not Free Size" Gotcha! Memalu kan diri sendiri dengan konfiden plak tu. Well done!

Sorry mostly are not available yet. Haha

On this picture feeling feeling macam tengah walking  with Victoria Beckham. Choi la!

Ending of the day!
Thanks January ending!
I'm so in love with this trip!