Friday, February 8, 2013

February agenda

On yesterday we are celebrating Birthday on February baby pulak. Simple but nice. Happy birthday Vicky!

Wishes for Vicky. Opps must nicely, jangan nakal nakal. 1 card for the whole class. Many wishes and it's so cute !

I'm fall in love with this cute cake. Mary yang buatkan for we all 1 class. Sedap pulak tu. Banyak betul Mary bawakkan benda yang manis manis untuk kitaorang sume. Berdoa agar kemanisan for our friendship long lasting! 

We are love you Kush! Our cute trainer with black shirt, raise his hand beside peace boy.

Let me introduce a handsome guy "Amir" gorgeous girl "Inthu" and me the selebet one ! Hihi

February will be end up soon. Only few weeks left for finish our training session. I wish everything gonna be fine. No heart feeling. If something wrong and ada benda yanf tak kena I wish we can settle it properly, be matured in working situation and enviroment. Life is life. Personal and profesional and not same. Good luck guys !