Saturday, May 17, 2014

Marakesh Kg Baru


We may choose what we want to eat for everyday. But the most and far most we also can decide either to change our taste. Arab Moroccan Taste or in Malay word's Restoran Makanan Arab Morocco together with Iranian Food. Since hubby is food appetizer so he have to choose different culture food after work. Me? Yes as usual 'I will follow you!" Same as Digi slogan.

Kampung Baru Location. Nearby TH SELBORN Building. I have to try their Chicken Beriani Rice. Big size of quantity. If you're not really sure about the drinks better ask them. For me, the drinks a bit different taste with our Malaysian tongue. Exact opening hours I'm not so sure but as we come as earliest by 6 pm they have prepared everything to serve customer.

Hubby was trying Shawarma chicken. It's so delicious! I assured that you may like it. All of this because of Food Network Asia influences. OMG! I may repeating taste here after delivered the baby.The price are reasonable. A lot of interesting food here but I have worried for if it will harm my little caliph in tummy. See you again Marakesh !