Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Trusted Person

Lately so many thing was happen 
Sometimes i also give up okay , haa start with a rubbish entry .
damn ! Really girls . 
When my big mouth start to say something a fake matter. 
Yaa does n't like it. Okay too much. 
Readers wanna share with u guys. 
Anything happen please don't trust others
Jangan lah easy going sangat mudah percaya dekat orang
Seriously if not u will regret of it.
A bitch mouth saya mula berbunyi bunyi
Lagi lagi if characteristic of the person sangat sangat 
meyakin kan untuk tahu something 
dan berbuat baik dengan u all . Hanya kerana nak tahu sesuatu.
By own self sendiri selalu nya akan dapat rasa seseorang yang
berkawan dengan kita secara ikhlas atau pun tidak . So please not too trust others. 

Example yang senang jangan mudah sangat approve those person yang kita betul betul tak percaya dalam facebook. Bagi saya facebook are my daily routine everything i will suppose to there. But girls be careful sometimes we will didn't realize some person like to be stalker there or easy being your enemies. 

Another examples girl, be careful in your relationship or 
with your friendship.Sometimes if something happen
 such misunderstood, problematic between you and your friend 
please be careful. A better way you by yourself try to
 solve it with own ways.The best way avoid from using another 
person or kata mudah "orang ketiga".
Jika ada yang tak puas hati boleh face to face or discuss
 without using third person.If you still using a third
 person trust it a bad matter more occurred.
I said it because, usually a third person will easy to betray you. 
Ada perkara yang boleh solve dengan mudah 
but then when u using a third person
a matter will be a complicated one.
 At the end a problem will more badly happen. 

What else?
Everything which was happen teach me to be not too trusted anymore to anyone.
A new friend.
Okay I'm not be a judges. 
But then such like  one one my friend said 
They can be a judges but they are not totally right. 
Same thing with a new friend. Please don't too trust them .
A new friend can be your enemies, fighter, or just like those who want 
try make you more upset. Once you easy start to trust them a many risky will come.
I'm not saying a new friend are not totally enough a good one.
But carefully a liar come with too many face. 
Please not easy to story a important thing and a secret one to them. 

Thats y ada peribahasa " Rambut sama hitam hati lain lain ".